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Main directions of ITUS activities.

   1. Cooperation with Federal bodies of the State Power, state bodies of the Russian Federation Subjects, bodies of military command.
   2. International Cooperation.
   3. Construction of housing, provision of pieces of land for servicemen, citizens discharged from military service and members of their families, work with State Housing Certificates (SHC).
   4. Social adaptation of citizens, discharged from military service, development and promotion of small business, further use of military property, released from military>    5. Retraining for civil professions.
   6. Legal assistance of servicemen and members of their families.
   7. Cooperation with veterans, Cossacks, military-patriotic, memorial activities.
   8. Additional Medicare.
   9. Social insurance, non government pension provision, additional insurance.

Cooperation with the Russian Federation Parliament, Russian Federation Government, other state legislative and executive bodies, public organizations.

   Active cooperation is established with both Chambers of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly with the aim to fulfill legislative initiatives. ITUS representatives worked together with the State Duma deputies over seven laws on the rights of servicemen. ITUS CC leaders participated in the quadrilateral conciliation commission on the Federal Law " On the Status of Servicemen". In the adopted Federal Law " On the Status of Servicemen" ( article 9 ) the right of servicemen on professional association was confirmed. At present together with the State Duma Committees the work is going on the preparation of three more drafts of the laws, regarding the social defence of servicemen, including the draft of the Federal law " On trade unions of servicemen".
   ITUS has permanent cooperation with the Russian Federation Government. ITUS representatives participate in the activity of the Government commission on social problems of servicemen and citizens discharged from military service and members of their families. ITUS Chairman is a member of Inter Departmental working group on problems of realization of rights and privileges, established by the Russian Federation legislation for servicemen, citizens discharged from the military service and members of their families.
   In order to further protect social and legal guarantees of servicemen the Agreement on cooperation between the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence and ITUS was concluded on October 10, 1996, which was brought to the notice of separate military units and sub-units by the Russian Federation Minister of Defence Directive of October 31, 1996.

Head of the RF Ministry of Defence Chief department Colonel-General V. Azarov writes in ITUS VIP visitors book.

International Conference in Saint - Petersburg on the discussion of the RF Federal Law draft " On the Trade Unions of Servicemen", organized by ITUS.

   ĶAt the meeting in the State Duma with the Defence Committee Chairman General of the Army A.Nikolaev.

   Agreements on cooperation were also signed with the Russian Federation Ministry on Civil Defence, Extraordinary Situations and Liquidation of the Consequences of the Natural Disasters on January 1, 1998 and the Russian Federation Federal Service of the Railway Armed Forces on August 25, 1994.
   In order to improve cooperation with the bodies of power in the Russian Federation Subjects ITUS regional organizations concluded agreements on cooperation with more than 40 administrations of republics, territories ( krajs) and regions of Russia. One of the first agreements of this kind was concluded between Government of Moscow and ITUS Central Committee on December 13,1994. In the most effective way this cooperation is established with the Heads of administration in such Subjects of the Russian Federation as Republic of Adygei, Karelia, Komi, Krasnodar region, Vladimir, Vologda, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Rostov, Ulianovsk and Jaroslavl regions, Evenk autonomous region.

Photo signature. Murmansk region Governor J. Evdokimov and ITUS Chairman O. Schvedkov at the Russian Federation President inauguration on May 7, 2000.

   Since 1992 ITUS has been a member of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia ( FNPR) . ITUS leaders are members of the FNPR General Council.    ITUS CC signed agreements on cooperation and mutual assistance with more than 20 public federations and associations including Veterans Union of Afghanistan, Club of State Security veterans, Union of veterans of the special counter terrorists unit "ALFA", International public organization of former servicemen " Mars - Mercury.".    ITUS took an active and direct part in the establishment of such public federations as " Honor and the Patria" ( A. Lebed), " Union of People's Power and Labour"( A. Nikolaev) cooperated with movement " Motherland" and others.    ITUS was a sponsor of the following federations :

  • · Veterans League of Sailors and Pilots of the Air Carrying Fleet of Russia.

  • · Public charitable foundation of rehabilitation of invalids of wars and military conflicts.

  • · Regional public organization of assistance for getting the right of legal assistance to the population etc.

   ITUS is a non political organization. But with the aim to see better representation of ITUS interests in the bodies of legislative and executive power ITUS CC and regional organizations since 1995 participated in the elections campaigns of administration heads in 48 Subjects of the Russian Federation and large cities ( Karelia, Komi, Ekaterinburg, Murmansk, Kaliningrad etc) ITUS Chairman O. Schvedkov was Mr. V. Putin's proxy person at the President election in 2000.

Meeting with " The Motherland" leaders J. Luzkov and A. Chelingarov.

Leaders of ITUS regional organizations - participants of the constituent meeting of the " Union of Peoples Power and Labour".

Participants of the Constituent conference of the Veterans League of sailors and pilots of the Air Carrying Fleet of Russia.

   In order to assist servicemen in their adaptation to civil life ITUS is involved in provision of new working places, enterprises for possible employment of former servicemen and members of their families. ITUS CC alone during recent years assisted in establishment of 11 commercial and entrepreneur structures where more than 2000 former servicemen were employed. Among them Center of social adaptation " Pulse", Military investment company and others. At present in Moscow at the last stage of approval is a Program, approved by the Government of Moscow on the construction of 22 trade establishments, which belong to ITUS
   Similar structures exist in all regions where ITUS is present.
   In order to assist employment of servicemen in reserve regional ITUS organizations established services or centers of employment Among them are organizations in Krasnodar region - " Voencontact - South" company, in Adygei - "Combat", in Murmansk - " Arcticvoenreserve", in Karelia, Komi, other Russian Federation Subjects

Universal Labour Exchange " Voencontact - South" Leaders.

various training programs of servicemen for civil professions arious training programs of servicemen for civil professions

   ITUS CC and some regional ITUS organizations participated in the realization of various training programs of servicemen for civil professions in Russia and abroad.
   Since 2000 ITUS CC together with the German Association of Federal Armed Forces has been a cofounder of the national Katherine the Great institute which prepares specialists in the following spheres for former servicemen and members of their families: - lawyers ( civil and economic activities)
   - notaries;
   - managers;
   - managers on real estate;
   - managers on tourism;
   - financial managers;
   - economists.
   ( tel. 964 -28 - 57 953-30-03 )

Construction of housing, provision with pieces of land of servicemen, citizens discharged from military service and members of their families, work on realization of housing certificates.

   For the period of ITUS existence only with ITUS CC funds more than 240 apartments and cottages were built for servicemen, former servicemen and members of their families, including 80 in Moscow. ITUS representatives work in housing commissions under administration of practically more than half of the Russian Federation Subjects, practically in all large military units.
   ITUS legal service reacts in an active way to the appellations of servicemen and members of their families regarding violations of their rights in getting proper housing. More than 1000 people were rendered assistance in acquiring housing.
   ITUS Chairman participated on June 17, 2002 at the meeting of the Government commission on social problems of servicemen, citizens discharged from military service and members of their families, at which a new accumulating system of provision of housing for servicemen and equated to them persons was discussed. ITUS suggestions were taken into account in the final document of the commission.
   Participation in the Government commission on housing problems gives practical results. In 2002 repeated ITUS demands were confirmed in a legislative way, regarding every quarter indexation of the state housing certificates ( SHC) and 100 % compensation of the housing , prescribed by the law to servicemen, who served more than 10 years. In order to assist in realization of SHC which were received by persons, in ITUS Apartments-construction chief department ( Head - A. Merslov) a special department on SCH realization was established. Agreements were signed with a number of realtor firms which have positively recommended themselves at the realty market. To day ITUS carries out operations with SHC distribution on the whole territory of Russia at the most profitable conditions for servicemen. ITUS initiative was approved by the housing departments of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence, Russian Federation Federal Service of Railway forces, the Russian Federation Ministry on Extraordinary Situations etc. and more than 40 leaders of administration of the Russian Federation Subjects, who in their turn have sent corresponding letters and directives to their subordinated structures. During the period of May - October 2002 more than one thousand of SHC owners addressed ITUS CC for assistance and practically all of them received help in realizing their right for housing


   On May 24 - 25 2001 the IVth ITUS Congress took part in Moscow. Representatives of the Russian Federation President Administration, the Russian Federation Government, the Russian Federation Federal Assembly, the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence and other armed forces bodies as well as a number of public-political federations and public organizations, representatives from banking and entrepreneur organizations participated at the Congress.
   Congress showed increased effectiveness, activity and creative potential of ITUS regional organizations. To-day ITUS became a real public force in the country which on practice creates conditions for protection of social justice for present and former servicemen.
   It was stated in the summary report of the ITUS CC Chairman and interventions of delegates and guests, that ITUS representatives participated at federal and local levels in the elaboration of the drafts of laws on social problems of servicemen. Active contacts established with the State Duma and its Committee on Defence in the first place. ITUS Chairman participated in the work of the Coordination Council on the problems of active and former servicemen and members of their families under the Chairman of the Federation Assembly of the Russian Federation.
   In more than 30 Russian Federation Subjects ITUS representatives work in regional legislative meetings and dumas.
   Active cooperation exists with the State executive power. ITUS leaders work in the Government commission on problems of social defence of servicemen and members of their families, in the Inter departmental working group on the realization of rights and privileges, established by law for servicemen and members of their families. ITUS has good contacts with the Russian Federation Security Council, ITUS representatives work in the administrations of Moscow City, Moscow, Murmansk, Voronezh regions, Karelia, Adygei republics etc.
   ITUS Congress approved the course of the Russian Federation President for reformation of the State military component , as well as the steps taken to improve defence potential of the country, ensure normal functioning of the armed forces, improvement of economic and social level of life of " citizens in uniform".
   But the Congress stated that the reforms have to be economically secured and servicemen have to be socially protected.
   Unfortunately at present the level of life of servicemen is one of the lowest in the country. Low financial provision, legal forbiddance to have additional work, lack of possibilities for servicemen's wives and other members of the family to work - and as a result miserable situation which can not be compared with the level of responsibility of military service.

   The Congress strongly spoke against adoption of the Law " On Transfer into Monetary Form Some Social Privileges and Introduction of Alterations and Additions into Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation" as politically inopportune and economically harmful.
   Congress adopted an Appeal to the Supreme Commander of the Russian Federation Armed Forces.
   Congress changed the name of the organization - to day it is called All Russian trade union of servicemen - ITUS", ", it announced legal continuity of all ITUS obligations and agreements. Congress elected Oleg Schedkov as the ITUS Chairman, elected new Central Committee, made certain alterations and additions of the ITUS Charter.    Congress expressed readiness to further continue cooperation with all bodies of State legislative and executive powers, bodies of military command, administrations of the Russian Federation Subjects, municipal authorities.

Delegates of the ITUS Congress on May 25, 2001.

   Ā From 20 to 22 of November 2001 Second international forum-exhibition " Social and economic problems of servicemen, citizens discharged from military service and members of their families. Specific features of their solution in military towns." took place in Moscow at the All Russian Exhibition Center. The main aim of the Forum was to elaborate complex approach to the solution of the problems of social adaptation of former servicemen and provision of housing for those who are in the process to be discharged from the Armed Forces.
   At the First forum - exhibition, which took place in 2000, serious suggestions were made which became the basis of the Russian Federation Minister of Defence Order from May 2, 2000 " On measures of increasing effectiveness of bodies of military management on the realization of social adaptation of servicemen who are discharged from military service and members of their families." State Program of social adaptation of servicemen of all " force " structures was adopted for the period of 2002 - 2005. The main feature of the program became transfer of work with servicemen from the center to military regions, fleets, military towns and garrisons. ITUS managed to include into the Program, that " operative management and coordination of Program fulfillment is realized by executive united Management Board, formed by Program coordinator from its main executors, representatives of trade unions, public federations and organizations". According to the Russian Federation Minister of Defence Order of March 19, 2002 ITUS Chairman Oleg Schvedkov was included into the United executive management board of the State Program " Social adaptation of servicemen, due to be discharged from the Russian Federation Armed Forces, other forces, military formations and bodies and members of their families for 2002 - 2005."
   At the exhibition ITUS arranged a special pavilion where materials, albums, booklets on ITUS, DBWV and EUROMIL were exhibited. Information on ITUS, local addresses of Moscow city and region ITUS organizations ( to more than one thousand visitors) were given by Mr.Igor Kurochkin, head of ITUS organization department and Mrs. Marina Kornushina, head of ITUS reception center.

ITUS Pavilion at the exhibition. Mrs Marina Kornushina is giving information to a visitor..

   Five "round tables" on main directions of servicemen social defence were carried out during the exhibition. Their participants were Chairman of Moscow city ITUS organization Mr. Boris Adochin, and EUROMIL President Mr. Jens Rotboll and DBWV Public Relations Officer Jurgen Mainberg, who specially came for the exhibition.

(Chairman of Moscow city ITUS organization Boris Adochin, DBWV public relations Officer Jurgen Mainberg, the Russian Federation Deputy Minister of Defence colonel-general Igor Pusanov, ITUS Chairman Oleg Schvedkov, EUROMIL President Jens Rotboll, ITUS head of international department Valerian Nesterov, Councillor of the administrative department of the Russian Federation Government Grigory Kravtchenko.

   Mr.Jens Rotboll was elected to the Presidium of the Forum and he addressed its participants. Jens Rotboll, Jurgen Mainberg and Valerian Nesterov took part in two " round tables" and informed participants on the trade union servicemen movement in European countries. ITUS Chairman had special meetings with the Russian Federation Minister of Labour and Social Relations Alexander Pochinok, the Russian Federation Deputy Defence Minister Igor Pusanov, Deputy Head of the Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers Alexander Shikalo.

General I.Pusanov made an enter into visitor's book. At the concluding meeting Forum awarded participation in the exhibition of ITUS CC, ITUS Moscow city organization, EUROMIL President Jens Rotboll and DBWV representative Jurgen Mainberg.

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